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Fraxel/Laser Resurfacing

Fraxel Refine Treatment


Note: Fraxel treatment is replaced with  Fractora Laser treatment, for details click here


Regain your youthful appearence with the revolutionary Fraxel treatment without having to drive to Boston of pay Boston prices. Fraxel treatment is a safe noninvasive way to reveal healthy luminous skin, with minimal downtime. Fraxel reduces the appearance of fine lines, skin spots and the dreaded wrinkles around the eye.


Treatments typically take 15-30 minutes for a face. A topical anesthetic is applied 30 min prior to the procedure. The Fraxel laser delivers energy into the skin, stimulating new collagen and fibroblasts to rebuild the skin. It creates new skin. There may be some redness and swelling for up to 36 hours. Swelling is reduced with cool pack application, and there is usually some mild  peeling several days later. The skin is treated in a pixelated pattern, which minimized down time.


  Price List 

Treatment  Price


Neck  $500.00
Face & Neck
Chest  $800.00
Around Mouth 
Partial Face 
 Varies with treatment
Surgical Scars 
 Varies with treatment
Other procedures 
 Varies with treatment


Fraxel Laser is the only non-ablative device cleared by the FDA for resurfacing all body parts as well as all skin types.

Imagine going back in time before you worshipped the sun, before teenage hormones made your skin break out, before your little one was even a glimmer in your eye. Imagine waking up one morning not only feeling 10 years younger but looking 10 years younger.



fraxel before   


fraxel after 


Treatable Conditions:

Acne Scars
Actinic Keratosis
Age Spots
Brown spots
Crows Feet
Dark Circles
Enlarged Pores   

Wrinkles & Fine Lines           

Forehead Lines
Keloid Scars
Laugh Lines
Liver Spots
Mottled Skin
Patchy Skin                         


Pores, Enlarged
Red Spot
Scars/Keloid Scars
Sebaceous Hyperplasia
Seborrheic Keratosis
Sun Damage
Vascular Lesions 


Healing Time:
One to Two Days

Side Effects:
Slight swelling and redness


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  • "There are so many amazing things to say about Dr. Suls. Not only is he an incredibly skilled doctor, but he is immeasurably kind and caring. When I first started seeing him, I looked simply terrible. Dealing with scarring and discoloration on my face was embarrassing and uncomfortable, but Dr. Suls miraculously made the process easy, and the improvement in my appearance is huge. Not only are my scars and coloring much improved, but I now have the most gorgeous and natural-looking cheekbones a girl could ask for! He is supportive, encouraging, and effective, and--while his prices are very, very reasonable--he will always work within whatever budget is comfortable for you and never pushes unnecessary services or products. His entire staff is just amazing, and the office itself is so warm and friendly. I cannot recommend Dr. Suls enough!" --JP

  • I’m so excited that I can get state of the art treatments such as “Fraxel” and many other treatments offered at Bedford Laser, without having to travel to Boston. Dr. Suls and his friendly, knowledgeable staff always provide me with a pleasant experience that continues to bring me back. --- Anonymous


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