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Age Spots/Brown Spots/Lentigines/Liver Spots

Age Spots/Brown Spots

Age spots are flat, brown-black spots that usually occur in sun-exposed areas on the body. Age spots are sometimes called brown spots, liver spots or lentigos. They are completely unrelated to the liver or liver function. Liver spots, et al. are changes in the skin color associated with older skin. The increased pigmentation of age spots is brought on by aging, exposure to sun or exposure to other forms of ultraviolet lights.


Age spot removal is a painless procedure. Using a Palomar Starlux, we remove the spots in a careful and safe manner. After treatment, you will see an immediate improvement at the site of the age spots.


To learn more about age spot removal, schedule a free consultation at our office today. We will be happy to explain how we can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin. In addition to treating age spots, we are also able to treat sun damage with laser skin resurfacing.


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  • "There are so many amazing things to say about Dr. Suls. Not only is he an incredibly skilled doctor, but he is immeasurably kind and caring. When I first started seeing him, I looked simply terrible. Dealing with scarring and discoloration on my face was embarrassing and uncomfortable, but Dr. Suls miraculously made the process easy, and the improvement in my appearance is huge. Not only are my scars and coloring much improved, but I now have the most gorgeous and natural-looking cheekbones a girl could ask for! He is supportive, encouraging, and effective, and--while his prices are very, very reasonable--he will always work within whatever budget is comfortable for you and never pushes unnecessary services or products. His entire staff is just amazing, and the office itself is so warm and friendly. I cannot recommend Dr. Suls enough!" --JP

  • I’m so excited that I can get state of the art treatments such as “Fraxel” and many other treatments offered at Bedford Laser, without having to travel to Boston. Dr. Suls and his friendly, knowledgeable staff always provide me with a pleasant experience that continues to bring me back. --- Anonymous


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